JBowl Super Bowl Storify

The 2014 Super Bowl was definitely an unexpected, interesting event for all who were watching. From the defeat the Broncos ended up with to the commercials that made your heart melt to the shirtless halftime show by the ever so famous RHCP and the classic Peter Gene (aka Bruno Mars), this Super Bowl was way more than a football game.. here is my thoughts, action, and favorite moments of the show.



Social Media: the good, the bad, and the indifferent.

It’s 2014 and the world is changing.  Tasks are getting done faster, easier, and almost with everything, with the click of a button (and maybe a little effort on your part), your opinions (even if others don’t want them), thoughts, needs, hopes, and dreams are displayed for the world to see. Celebrities become even more in the spotlight and the “average” person can become an overnight sensation at the drop of a hat. Social media is changing the world.

Personally, the two most used apps on my phone are Facebook and Twitter. Compared to all the new social media outlets debuting so rapidly, I guess I am still “old school” with Facebook. I like to stay updated on friends and family’s lives, to see what people are doing, and yes to creep on others (you know everyone does it, how else are we suppose to get the best gossip?). Twitter on the other hand, I use to catch up on the news, see what celebs are doing (and saying) and to follow athletes who I respect and appreciate.

As mentioned earlier so obviously, social media is growing at a rapid pace and isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. I am so fascinated by social media and how it has created opportunities (probably ruined some opportunities, too!), changed the way we communicate completely with one another, and has shaped our opinions on others simply by what they have to say.

With all that said, this week has been an interesting one for social media to say the least. NFL players have been glorified and torn apart, celebrity outfits have been adored and loathed during award shows, and the talk of the Super Bowl Champion (and maybe halftime show, although Beyonce is probably still the reigning halftime show queen)  is occurring almost every.single.day.

For example, one interesting article that I think is highly relatable to what Clay Shirky was trying to say in Here Comes Everybody is the one that discussed what Richard Sherman (remember him? the NFL player who went on a rant that made him the enemy real quick) was really saying about our society. Issac Saul, from the Huffington Post, wrote “What Richard Sherman Taught Us About America” shortly after his ever so famous (now) rant after the Seahawks defeated the 49er’s for a slot in the big show. It was so interesting because Saul went about discussing Sherman’s words very different than most, he looked at the positive of the message. He discussed how Sherman is a true example of what it is like to start at nothing (he is the epitome of Drake’s song “Started From the Bottom”) and become successful. Sounds crazy but it’s true (check out the full article below).Anyways, to get to the point, this article spread like wildfire through out my Twitter and Facebook feed, the good, the bad, and the indifferent were discussed among “friends” and it was SO interesting to see everyone’s perspective.

To sum it up, social media clearly has the power to turn a star like Richard Sherman into an enemy then to a fan favorite (I’m sure now there may be a few more Seahawks fans) in the matter of a few short clicks. Thankfully for Sherman, his success, paycheck, and chance for a Super Bowl victory isn’t determined by our opinions…so talk away (he may never hear it anyway).


Also stay tuned for another blog from yours truly based on the athletes in the spotlight, student-athletes and professional athletes alike. It seems that these athletes always know how to be in the limelight in a negative way from, trash talk during interviews to criminal charges off the field but some of them HAVE to be role models, right? In the coming weeks I will be blogging and sharing about those athletes who are making a difference in this crazy world and how they too should be recognized.